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Synthesis of all the existing injection’s techniques, «Ultim» is the perfect result of more than 20 years of experience in the medical injector range.

By combining the highest technologies for serving medicine and beauty, «Ultim» is the unique and ideal answer for your daily work.



MESOTHERAPY : For «nappage», point by point or continuous injections, the automatic control of depth and speed will allow you to get a traditional mesotherapy, safely and precisely.

EXPERT : Specific program dedicated to point by point injections, by the adjustement of the depth (from 1 to 13 mm) and the dose (from 0,01 ml to infinity), this program will optimize the efficiency of the products injected while stricly respecting the protocols.

 Injection program unique in the world, «Ultim» is programmed to set up filler or any other filling product on every part of the body. Possibilty to adapt the volume of the product injected and the speed of the needle removing, while controlling the depth. Perfect for absolutely regular tangential retro-injections.

                                                                                               General features

Works equally on battery (Li-ion) or on mains (90 V à 240 V).

USER-FRIENDLY : Graphic colored screen VHD, sensitive management of controls, setting up of treatments in only few seconds.

ERGONOMIC : Exceptional design brings to «Ultim» a unequalled level of handling and lightness. Especially designed for ambidextrous use.

PAINLESS : Speed of the needle’s projection faster than any other unit. No pain effect induced.

FURTHERMORE : Directional lighting of the treated area for a perfect visibility. Simultaneous or post-injection massage for a better diffusion of the products. Several types of skin stabilizers available especially designed to be in accordance with the different programs or treated areas. No exclusive kit, « Ultim » accepts all kind of needles and syringe. Automatic detection of the syringe and the viscosity of injected products.


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