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Mesotherapy and Carboxytherapy :
all in one

Synthesis of all the existing injection’s techniques, “Concerto”, is the perfect result of more than 20 years of experience in medical equipments.

By combining the highest technologies for serving medicine and beauty, “Concerto” is the unique and ideal answer for your daily work.


SELF-CONTAINED : Can work equally on battery (Li-ion high life) or mains (90 V to 240 V)

USER-FRIENDLY : Graphic coloured screen VHD (very high definition), sensitive management of controls, setting of treatments in a few seconds only.

ERGONOMIC : Its exceptional design brings to “Concerto” an unequalled level of handling and lightness. Especially studied for ambidextrous use.

PAINLESS : Speed of the needle’s projection faster than any other unit. None pain effect induced.

 Floodlighting of the treated area for a perfect visibility.

Simultaneous vibration massage for a better diffusion of the products. Several types of skin stabilizers available, especially designed to be accorded to the program or to the part of the body. No exclusive kit, “Concerto” accepts any kind of syringes and needles.

Automatic detection of the syringe, pressure and viscosity of the product


MESOTHERAPY : For « nappage », point by point or continuous injections, the automatic control of depth and speed will allow you to apply a traditional mesotherapy safely and precisely.
EXPERT : Specific program dedicated to point by point injections, by the adjustment of the depth (from 1 to 13 mm) and the
dose (from 0,01 ml to infinity). This program will optimize the efficiency of the products injected, respecting strictly the protocols

FILLERS : Unlike anything else in the world, “Concerto” is programmed to put in place any kind of permanent or temporary filler, of any viscosity. The needle moves back automatically and drops off a regular amount of product directly on site.

Non surgical method using pure CO2 injected with the CarboxyPen, unit especially designed for this purpose. The CO2 is injected in the subcutaneous tissue through a tiny needle, and diffuses easily and largely toward the adjacent tissues.
The CO2 induces a strong vasodilatory effect at the microcirculation level, increasing the blood flow in the adipose and muscle tissues.
In its presence, the hemoglobin liberates more oxygen and restores the capillarity circulation (Bohr effect). It also combines mechanical and chemical effects on the adipose cells, leading to their destruction.
CO2 is normally produced by our cells as a consequence of the metabolism, eliminated through the lungs and so can be considered as an «ecologic»therapeutical agent.
Main aesthetic indications : Cellulite, coadjuvant in localized adiposity treatment, wrinkles, rings, skin elasticity, face's oval, double chin, bust, arms, abdomen, legs, knees....

CONCERTO : The Sharp Carboxytherapy

ACCURATE : The only unit designed with an hand piece to control the depht, the angle and the volume of each injection.
INTUITIVE : A patented system adjust automatically the flow of the gas accorded to the size of the needle.

SAFE : A progressive injection, a simultaneous massage, a total control of the treatment for a painless effect

COMPLETE : 2 modes of injection
Manual for face, eyes, dark circles...
Automatic for body, abdomen, legs for a perfect control of the dose injected.

UNIVERSAL : Can be connected to any type of Co2 : Cylinder or cartridge.


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